Chronic one-kidney hypertension in rabbits. II. Evidence for a new factor.


The arterial pressure of rabbits with chronic one-kidney hypertension can be lowered to normotensive levels by direct immunization with preparations made from the cortex of hog kidneys. Hypertensive rabbits that are immunized with large amounts of renin may develop high plasma antirenin titers without affecting their blood pressure. Removal of renin by chromatography on columns of immobilized antirenin yields preparations with little or no renin. Such preparations may be effective in lowering blood pressure although they do not elicit the formation of plasma antirenin and the rabbits remain sensitive to challenging doses of rabbit renin. The evidence suggests that an unknown substance is responsible for the development of a cross-reacting antibody that neutralizes an unknown factor that is essential for the maintence of an elevated blood pressure level in rabbits with chronic one-kidney hypertension.

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