Chronic myeloproliferative disorders (CMPD).

  title={Chronic myeloproliferative disorders (CMPD).},
  author={Rolf Burkhardt and Reiner Bartl and Kurt Jaeger and Brigitte Frisch and G{\"u}nter Kettner and G F Mahl and M. Sund},
  journal={Pathology, research and practice},
  volume={179 2},
The wide clinical range of CMPD can be understood as leukaemia of pluripotent stem cells according to the pathogenic concepts reviewed above. Blastic metamorphoses of CMPD are regressions to a more primitive level of cellular differentiation. The predominant proliferative cell line characterizes the classical entities of PV, PT and CML, and their different prognoses. Pure erythrocytic and megakaryocytic proliferations are more compatible with sustained physiologic bone marrow functions than… CONTINUE READING


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