Chronic lead poisoning in horses.

  title={Chronic lead poisoning in horses.},
  author={Jamie Dollahite and Ritchie Younger and H. R. Crookshank and Laundette Jones and Hans Dieter Petersen},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={39 6},
Lead acetate was fed to 4 groups of 2 horses each to study chronic lead intoxication. A 5th group of 3 horses was maintained as controls. The leas was fed in capsules, with the minimum dosage of 6.25 mg/kg/day of lead as lead acetate (group I). The dose was increased from group I through group IV in an approximate geometric series, with each group being given about 125% of the dose given the previous group. These doses were given for 105 days, a period designated as phase 1. Since clinical… CONTINUE READING