Chronic inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy.

  title={Chronic inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy.},
  author={Peter J. Dyck and Angela Lais and Mika Ohta and J A Bastron and Hajime Okazaki and Robert V. Groover},
  journal={Mayo Clinic proceedings},
  volume={50 11},
The diagnostic criteria, natural history, nerve conduction characteristics, pathology, laboratory features, and efficacy of corticosteroid treatment have been evaluated personally in 53 patients with chronic inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy (CIP) who were followed up for an average of about 7.5 years. These were patients whose monophasic neurologic deficit had not crested by 6 months, patients with recurrences, and patients with a steady or stepwise progression. The typical features of CIP… CONTINUE READING