Chronic idiopathic inflammatory bowel diseases of the horse.

  title={Chronic idiopathic inflammatory bowel diseases of the horse.},
  author={John Schumacher and John Francis Edwards and Noah D Cohen},
  journal={Journal of veterinary internal medicine},
  volume={14 3},
A review of reported cases of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) of horses for which no etiology was identified included cases of granulomatous enteritis (GE), multisystemic eosinophilic epitheliotropic disease (MEED), lymphocytic-plasmacytic enterocolitis (LPE), and idiopathic eosinophilic enterocolitis (EC). The terms EC and MEED were both used to describe a disease in horses characterized by infiltration of intestine and extraintestinal tissues with eosinophils. We use EC to describe IBD… CONTINUE READING
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