Chronic hepatitis. An update on terminology and reporting.

  title={Chronic hepatitis. An update on terminology and reporting.},
  author={K. Batts and J. Ludwig},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={19 12},
The terms chronic active hepatitis (CAH), chronic persistent hepatitis (CpH), and chronic lobular hepatitis (CLH) have become obsolete, and their use without further specifications should be discontinued. This recommendation has become necessary because these names have changed from descriptive terms, intended for grading, to terms that are used either as morphologic diagnoses or disease designations or both, depending on individual preferences. Because this practice has caused serious… Expand
6 Pathology of hepatitis C
It is suggested that knowing the histologic stage and grade of the disease can be very useful when advising patients on the current status of their disease as well as what their short- and long-term prognosis is. Expand
Histological Grading and Staging of Chronic Hepatitis
This review is limited to grading and staging of CH, such as viral and autoimmune hepatitis, and does not include discussion of steatohepatitis. Expand
Liver biopsy in hepatitis C.
The advent of more specific and sensitive assays for the diagnosis of hepatitis C has provided better definition of the histopathology of this disease and its differentiation from other forms of hepatitis, including the grade of necroinflammatory activity and the stage of fibrosis. Expand
Assessment of liver biopsies in chronic hepatitis: how is it best done?
This study concludes that both scoring methods are appropriate for use in chronic hepatitis B and C, and that the choice of system can be left to the preferences of the clinician and pathologist. Expand
Liver biopsies in chronic viral hepatitis: beyond grading and staging.
The evaluation of liver biopsies with chronic viral hepatitis has evolved beyond grading and staging and pathologists need to be aware of the other features that may have important clinical implications. Expand
Proposed Protocol for Histopathological Examination of Liver Specimen in Diagnosing Chronic Hepatitis
The purpose of this study is to optimize the clinical data necessary in proper diagnosis, taking into account the new criteria of inflammatory activity, process of fibrosis and steatosis. Expand
Histological Patterns of Hepatitis and Cholangitis
Four common patterns of inflammation seen in adults are discussed and each of these patterns prompts a differential diagnosis that is discussed later (Table 1). Expand
Histological Findings of Autoimmune Hepatitis
Emperipolesis, indicating the close immunological interaction of lymphocytes and hepatocytes, is noted but is sometimes difficult to evaluate, in addition to classical AIH, showing chronic active hepatitis, some AIH patients show a clinically acute hepatitis-like clinical course. Expand
Chronic hepatitis C is a common associated with hepatic granulomas.
Although uncommon, hepatic granulomas may be part of the histological spectrum of chronic HCV and other clinically appropriate studies should be done, but if nothing else is found, the clinician can be comfortable with an HCV association. Expand
Grade and Stage in Chronic Hepatitis
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The liver biopsy is essential to the investigation and management of chronic liver disease and the use of a descriptive or numerical scoring system allows the pathologist to provide reproducible, clinically relevant information in the surgical pathology report. Expand