Chronic hepatitis C liver microenvironment: role of the Th17/Treg interplay related to fibrogenesis

  title={Chronic hepatitis C liver microenvironment: role of the Th17/Treg interplay related to fibrogenesis},
  author={Daniela Alejandra Rios and Pamela Valva and Paola Cecilia Casciato and Silvia Frias and Mar{\'i}a Soledad Caldirola and Mar{\'i}a Isabel Gaillard and Liliana Bezrodnik and Juan Carlos Bandi and Omar Andr{\'e}s Galdame and Beatriz Ameigeiras and Diana Krasniansky and Carlos Eduardo Brodersen and Eduardo G Mullen and Elena Noem{\'i} De Matteo and Mar{\'i}a Victoria Preciado},
  booktitle={Scientific Reports},
The role of the different lymphocyte populations in liver microenvironment of chronic hepatitis C (CHC) patients is still matter of debate. Since Th17 and Treg have opposite functions, their balance could affect disease progression. The aim was to explore liver microenvironment and its peripheral blood counterpart in adult CHC patients. CD4+ lymphocytes were predominant in the liver, with high Foxp3+ but low IL-17A+ frequency. IL-17A+ lymphocytes and IL-17A+/Foxp3+ ratio displayed association… CONTINUE READING

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