Chronic haloperidol-amphetamine interactions and mesolimbic dopamine.

  title={Chronic haloperidol-amphetamine interactions and mesolimbic dopamine.},
  author={Minda R. Lynch and H. Georg Kuhn and Robert J. Carey},
  volume={19 2},
As low-dose amphetamine stimulation of locomotor activity in the rat depends upon a mesolimbic dopaminergic substrate, neuroleptic antagonism of this behavior has been suggested as a model for studying antipsychotic activity. Animals in the present study received 21 days of chronic treatment with 1.0 mg/kg amphetamine, 0.1 mg/kg haloperidol or a combination of these two drugs. On day 21, mesolimbic (but not striatal) dopamine (DA) concentrations were positively related to locomotor activity in… CONTINUE READING