Chronic flunixin meglumine therapy in foals.

  title={Chronic flunixin meglumine therapy in foals.},
  author={Josie L. Traub-Dargatz and Joseph J. Bertone and Daniel H Gould and Robert H. Wrigley and M. Glade Weiser and Scott D Forney},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={49 1},
Effects of a therapeutic dose of flunixin meglumine on gastric mucosa of horse foals were determined by endoscopy, double-contrast radiography, and gross and histologic examinations. Foals were administered 1.1 mg of flunixin meglumine/kg of body weight, PO/day for 30 days in an encapsulated form that was divided into 2 doses/day (group 1; n = 3) or by IM injection once a day (group 2; n = 7). Three control foals (group 3; n = 3) were administered capsules (n = 1) containing dextrose powder or… CONTINUE READING