Chronic exposure to aldicarb-contaminated groundwater and human immune function.

  title={Chronic exposure to aldicarb-contaminated groundwater and human immune function.},
  author={Michael Fiore and Henry A. Anderson and R G Hong and Rjurik Golubjatnikov and J E Seiser and D C Nordstrom and Larry Hanrahan and D A Belluck},
  journal={Environmental research},
  volume={41 2},
Aldicarb, a carbamate pesticide, has been a known groundwater contaminant in Wisconsin since 1981. To assess the effects of chronic ingestion of low-level aldicarb-contaminated groundwater (less than 61 ppb) on the immune function of humans, we identified 50 women, ages 18 to 70, with no known underlying reason for immunodysfunction. Twenty-three of these women (exposed group) consumed groundwater with detectable levels of aldicarb, and 27 (unexposed group) consumed water from a source with no… CONTINUE READING

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