Chronic expanding haematoma in a cat.


A 5-year-old cat developed a recurrent haematoma in the right hindlimb after receiving an intramuscular injection. Cold packs and a compressive bandage were applied without success. The haematoma resolved initially but recurred twice within a week after conservative treatment. Contrast computed tomography was performed after the second recurrence. A large cavernous lesion was found craniolateral to the right stifle. The lesion was removed surgically. No recurrence occurred during a 5 month follow-up. On histopathology the lesion was characterised as a chronic expansive haematoma. To our knowledge, this type of lesion has not previously been described in a small animal.

DOI: 10.1177/1098612X14550697

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@article{Togni2015ChronicEH, title={Chronic expanding haematoma in a cat.}, author={Andrea Togni and Christine Sievert and Karin Hurter and Sebastian Christoph Knell}, journal={Journal of feline medicine and surgery}, year={2015}, volume={17 8}, pages={733-6} }