Chronic Renal Failure after Ingestion of Over-the-Counter Chromium Picolinate

  title={Chronic Renal Failure after Ingestion of Over-the-Counter Chromium Picolinate},
  author={Walter G Wasser and Nathaniel Feldman and Vivette D. D’Agati},
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TO THE EDITOR: Chromium supplementation has recently been advocated for preventing dietary deficiency, reducing body fat, and increasing muscular mass and strength [1]. We describe a patient who developed renal failure after using over-the-counter, oral chromium picolinate, 600 g daily for 6 weeks, for weight reduction. A 49-year-old female nurse presented to our office for evaluation of renal insufficiency. Test results had shown normal renal function 2 years earlier but now showed a blood… 
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PN chromium supplementation resulted in better glucose tolerance and calorie delivery during the first week of life, especially in VLBW infants, which supports chromium's essential role in enhancing glucose tolerance during PN therapy in V LBW infants at risk for early hyperglycemia.