Chromosome studies of a fertile mammalian hybrid: the offspring of the cross bongo × sitatunga (Bovoidea)

  title={Chromosome studies of a fertile mammalian hybrid: the offspring of the cross bongo × sitatunga (Bovoidea)},
  author={Lucien Koulischer and J. Tijskens and Jonas Mortelmans},
The offspring of the cross bongo (Boocercus euryceros), 2n = 33 x sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekei), 2n = 30, has proved to be fertile. This fertility shows that the relationship between the karyotypes of the parental species is a simple one, despite the different diploid numbers and a different sex chromosome determinism, XX/XY in the sitatunga, XX/Y-to-autosome translocation in the bongo:meiotic processes and gametogenesis are not impaired in the hybrid. 
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An ancient hybridization event reconciles mito-nuclear discordance among spiral-horned antelopes
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The chromosomes of the eland , Taurotragus oryx Pallas . Mammal
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Concept of cellular clonal evolution of karyotypes applied to evolution of species.
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