Chromosome studies in the mammalian subfamily Antilopinae

  title={Chromosome studies in the mammalian subfamily Antilopinae},
  author={M. Effron and M. Bogart and A. Kumamoto and K. Benirschke},
  • M. Effron, M. Bogart, +1 author K. Benirschke
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Genetica
  • The karyology was studied in nine species of Antilopinae and evaluated with regard to cytotaxonomic relations within the subfamily. Karyotypes of three of these species were previously undescribed. Chromosomes were examined by conventional staining methods, G-, C-, and T-banding techniques, and by autoradiography. Evolutionary differentiation of karyotypes in this group is characterized by extensive Robertsonian fusions and a particular translocation between the X chromosome and an autosome… CONTINUE READING
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