Chromosome structure of Triticum timopheevii relative to T. turgidum.

  title={Chromosome structure of Triticum timopheevii relative to T. turgidum.},
  author={Santiago Rodr{\'i}guez and Esther H K Perera and Bel{\'e}n Maestra and Manuel D{\'i}ez and Tom{\'a}s {\'A}lvaro Naranjo},
  volume={43 6},
The chromosome structure of four different wild populations and a cultivated line of Triticum timopheevii (2n = 28, AtAtGG) relative to Triticum turgidum (2n = 28, AABB) was studied, using genomic in situ hybridisation (GISH) and C-banding analysis of meiotic configurations in interspecific hybrids. Two wild accessions and the cultivated line showed the standard C-banding karyotype. The other two accessions are homozygous for translocation 5At/3G and translocations 1G/2G and 5G/6G. GISH… CONTINUE READING
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