Chromosome-specific microsatellite multiplex sets for linkage studies in the domestic dog.

  title={Chromosome-specific microsatellite multiplex sets for linkage studies in the domestic dog.},
  author={Leigh Anne Clark and Kate L Tsai and J{\"o}rg Manfred Steiner and D A Williams and Trina M Guerra and Elaine A Ostrander and Francis Galibert and Keith E. Murphy},
  volume={84 3},
To expedite linkage studies and positional cloning efforts in the dog, Minimal Screening Set 2 (MSS-2) of 327 canine microsatellite markers has been multiplexed into chromosome-specific panels. MSS-2 provides 9 Mb coverage of the canine genome with no gaps larger than 17.1 Mb and is the most recent and comprehensive set of microsatellites available for whole-genome scans. Markers were labeled with fluorescent dyes based on locations and expected product sizes to facilitate the multiplexing of a… CONTINUE READING


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