Chromosome rearrangements in canine fibrosarcomas.

  title={Chromosome rearrangements in canine fibrosarcomas.},
  author={David Richard Sargan and Bruce S. Milne and J Aguirre Hernandez and Patricia C M O'brien and M. A. Ferguson-Smith and Tess Hoather and Jane Margaret Dobson},
  journal={The Journal of heredity},
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We have previously reported the use of six- and seven-color paint sets in the analysis of canine soft tissue sarcomas. Here we combine this technique with flow sorting of translocation chromosomes, reverse painting, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis of the gene content of the reverse paint in order to provide a more detailed analysis of cytogenetic abnormalities in canine tumors. We examine two fibrosarcomas, both from female Labrador retrievers, and show abnormalities in chromosomes… CONTINUE READING