Chromosome numbers in some Polish critical or rare Liverworts (Hepaticae)

  title={Chromosome numbers in some Polish critical or rare Liverworts (Hepaticae)},
  author={Ewa Chudzińska and Hanna Barczak and Jersy Szweykowski},
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Two ploidy levels of genetically delimited groups of the Calypogeia fissa complex (Jungermanniopsida, Calypogeiaceae)
Flow cytometry results revealed that two of the detected groups of the European C. fissa, which are frequent in Poland (PS and PB), differ in ploidy level: the PS group is haploid, whereas the PB group is diploid.
Recent Literature on Bryophytes—105(1)
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New distributional data on bryophytes of Poland and Slovakia, 10
This work presents a list of localities for the following species: Anomodon attenuatus, A. viticulosus, Dicranum viride, Gymnomitrion alpinum, Hedwigia ciliata, Homalia trichomanoides, Lophoziopsis


Nardia insecta Lindb., an addition to the liverwort flora of Britain, with cytological observations and a comparison with N. geoscyphus (De Not.) Lindb.
Abstract The hepatic Nardia insecta Lindb. is reported from a streamside locality in the Kielder district of South Northumberland, new to Britain. It was first collected in 1964 when herbarium
Peroxidases as taxonomic characters in Lophozia incisa (Schrad.) Dum. and Lophozia opacifolia (Culm.) Meyl.
It is indicated that electrophoretic peroxidase phenotypes provide an additional taxonomic character supporting the morphological and ecological differences in Lophozia incisa and L. opacifolia.
The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America East of the Hundredth Meridian. 5 Jubulaceae to Sphaerocarpales
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