Chromosome number and carmustine sensitivity in human gliomas.

  title={Chromosome number and carmustine sensitivity in human gliomas.},
  author={Joan Rankin Shapiro and Ping Pu and Anwar N. Mohamed and Joseph H. Galicich and Salah A. D. Ebrahim and William R. Shapiro},
  volume={71 12},
BACKGROUND Although some patients with malignant gliomas respond to treatment with chemotherapeutic agents like BCNU, tumor recurrence inevitably occurs, heralding the development of chemoresistance. Treating and/or preventing chemoresistance requires distinguishing newly developed resistance from the presence of intrinsically resistant cells in the primary tumor population. This study relates the chromosomal complements of freshly resected astrocytomas to the cells' chemosensitivity and… CONTINUE READING