Chromosome heteromorphisms: an impact on infertility

  title={Chromosome heteromorphisms: an impact on infertility},
  author={Feride Iffet Sahin and Zerrin Yilmaz and Ozge Ozalp Yuregir and Tugce Bulakbasi and Ozge Ozer and Hulusi Bulent Zeyneloglu},
  journal={Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics},
Cytogenetic heteromorphisms are described as heritable variations at specific chromosomal regions without a proven impact on phenotype. We compared the presence of chromosome heteromorphisms in the karyotypes of two patient groups. The first group of patients consisted of 276 individuals of 138 infertile couples. The second group, consisted of 1,130 amniocentesis samples. This group was considered to be a sample of the fertile population, as the fetus being karyotyped is the result of a… CONTINUE READING