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Chromosome Numbers of Selected Vascular Plant Species from Sakhalin, Moneron and the Kurile Islands

  title={Chromosome Numbers of Selected Vascular Plant Species from Sakhalin, Moneron and the Kurile Islands},
  author={Nina S. Probatova and Vyacheslav Yu. Barkalov and Elvira G. Rudyka},
Chromosome numbers for 33 vascular plant species of29 genera and 16 families, from Sakhalin, Moneron and the Kurile Islands, are given. The chromosome numbers were reported here for the first time for following 11 taxa: Acelidanthus anticleoides, Artemisia unalaskensis, Carex microtricha, Gaultheria miqueliana, Hypericum yezoense, Macropodium pterospermum, Pinguicula macroceras, Poa sugawarae, Rumex regelii, Taraxacum vestitum, Tephroseris kawakamii. In addition, for 12 species new cytotypes… 

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This document is intended to help clarify the role of technology in the lives of decision-makers and policy-makers at a time of uncertainty.

New chromosome counts, karyotype analyses and asymmetry indices in some taxa of genus Senecio L. and related genera Tephroseris (Rchb.) Rchb. and Turanecio Hamzaoğlu belong to tribe Senecioneae (Asteraceae) from Turkey

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Chromosomenzahlen und systematische Gruppierung der Rumex-Arten

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Die sorgfMtig zusammengestellte Literatur finder man in TIscm~v, RS Pflanzenkaryologie (1922) finden sich folgendermaBen zusammenstellen.

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