Chromosomal rearrangements in chondromatous tumors.

  title={Chromosomal rearrangements in chondromatous tumors.},
  author={Nils Mandahl and Sverre Heim and Kristina Arheden and Anders Rydholm and Helena Will{\'e}n and Felix Mitelman},
  volume={65 2},
Short-term cultures from 16 chondromatous tumors, 15 primary and one recurrent, were analyzed cytogenetically. Clonal chromosome aberrations were found in one of six benign tumors and in seven of ten malignant tumors. A chondroma had a complex translocation involving chromosomes X, 8, 12, and 13, as well as a deletion of the derivative chromosome 8. In the malignant tumors, monosomy 6 and 22 were observed in three tumors and monosomy 10, 11, 13, and 18 were observed in two tumors. In two of the… CONTINUE READING


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