Chromosomal phylogeny of Muridae: a study of 10 genera.

  title={Chromosomal phylogeny of Muridae: a study of 10 genera.},
  author={Evani M Viegas-P{\'e}quignot and Bernard Dutrillaux and Michelle Prod'homme and Francis Petter},
  journal={Cytogenetics and cell genetics},
  volume={35 4},
The karyotypes of 10 different species of the family Muridae (Acomys airensis, Arvicanthis niloticus, Hylomyscus stella, Malacomys longipes, Mastomys huberti, Myomys daltoni, Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus, Thamnomys gazellae, and Uranomys ruddi) are compared by different banding techniques. From a reconstruction of the presumed ancestral karyotype of the Muridae the sequence of the various rearrangements leading to the present karyotypes is proposed in order to determine their phylogenetic… CONTINUE READING


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