Chromosomal phylogeny of Lagothrix, Brachyteles, and Cacajao.

  title={Chromosomal phylogeny of Lagothrix, Brachyteles, and Cacajao.},
  author={E Viegas P{\'e}quignot and C{\'e}lia Priszkulnik Koiffmann and Bernard Dutrillaux},
  journal={Cytogenetics and cell genetics},
  volume={39 2},
Based on a comparison of the karyotypes of two Plathyrrhini species, Cacajao melanocephalus (Pitheciinae) and Brachyteles arachnoides (Atelinae), with those of two previously studied species, Lagothrix lagothrica (Atelinae) and C calvus rubicundus (Pitheciinae), it appears that the two Cacajao species have undergone the same number of chromosome rearrangements since they diverged from their common ancestor and that the karyotype of Brachyteles is ancestral to that of Lagothrix. The chromosomal… CONTINUE READING