Chromosomal locations of three Bacillus subtilis din genes.

  title={Chromosomal locations of three Bacillus subtilis din genes.},
  author={K. L. Jr. Gillespie and Ronald E. Yasbin},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={169 7},
Previously isolated DNA damage-inducible (din) genes of Bacillus subtilis have been mapped on the bacterial chromosome by bacteriophage PBS1-mediated transduction. The din genes have been localized to three positions on the B. subtilis map. dinA cotransduction with the hisA locus was 80%, while dinC cotransduction with this marker was about 56%. dinB is unlinked to hisA, but its cotransduction with the dal-1 and purB loci was 84 and 22%, respectively.