Chromosomal evolution of Arvicolinae (Cricetidae, Rodentia). III. Karyotype relationships of ten Microtus species

  title={Chromosomal evolution of Arvicolinae (Cricetidae, Rodentia). III. Karyotype relationships of ten Microtus species},
  author={Natalia A. Lemskaya and S. Romanenko and F. N. Golenishchev and N. Rubtsova and O. Sablina and N. Serdukova and P. O'brien and B. Fu and N. Yigit and M. Ferguson-Smith and F. Yang and A. Graphodatsky},
  journal={Chromosome Research},
  • Natalia A. Lemskaya, S. Romanenko, +9 authors A. Graphodatsky
  • Published 2010
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Chromosome Research
  • The genus Microtus consists of 65 extant species, making it one of the rodentia genera with the highest number of species. The extreme karyotype diversification in Microtus has made them an ideal species group for comparative cytogenetics and cytotaxonomy. Conventional comparative cytogenetic studies in Microtus have been based mainly on chromosomal banding patterns; the number of Microtus species examined by molecular cytogenetics—cross-species chromosome painting—is limited. In this study, we… CONTINUE READING
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