Chromosomal abnormalities in 47 pediatric brain tumors.

  title={Chromosomal abnormalities in 47 pediatric brain tumors.},
  author={Dimitri P Agamanolis and John M. Malone},
  journal={Cancer genetics and cytogenetics},
  volume={81 2},
The karyotypes of 47 pediatric brain tumors (14 cerebellar pilocytic astrocytomas, six cerebral pilocytic astrocytomas, seven anaplastic astrocytomas and glioblastomas, nine medulloblastomas [PNETs], one cerebral neuroblastoma, four ependymomas, and seven miscellaneous other neoplasms) are presented. Most of the pilocytic astrocytomas and ependymomas had normal karyotypes. In contrast, the majority of the anaplastic astrocytomas-glioblastomas were abnormal. The abnormalities included losses and… CONTINUE READING
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