Chromosomal aberrations observed in 52 mouse myeloid leukemias.

  title={Chromosomal aberrations observed in 52 mouse myeloid leukemias.},
  author={Isamu Hayata and Mariko Seki and Kazuhiro Yoshida and Kanji Hirashima and Toshihiko Sado and J Yamagiwa and Takaaki Ishihara},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={43 1},
Chromosomes of 52 cases of mouse myeloid leukemia were examined. There were 5 myeloblastic leukemias, 22 granulocytic leukemias, 17 myelomonocytic leukemias, and 8 monocytic leukemias. Fifty cases were radiation induced and the other 2 were nonirradiated. Each case had leukemic cells with 1 to 10 marker chromosomes. Partially deleted No. 2 chromosomes appeared in 49 cases, including 2 nonirradiated cases. These deleted No. 2 chromosomes were varied in size, and they were classified into 7 types… CONTINUE READING