Chromosomal aberrations in 2000 couples of Indian ethnicity with reproductive failure.

  title={Chromosomal aberrations in 2000 couples of Indian ethnicity with reproductive failure.},
  author={S Gada Saxena and Kundanbala Desai and Lata Shewale and Prabhat Ranjan and Dhananjaya Saranath},
  journal={Reproductive biomedicine online},
  volume={25 2},
Constitutional chromosomal aberrations contribute to infertility and repeated miscarriage leading to reproductive failure in couples. These aberrations may show no obvious clinical manifestations and remain undetected across multiple generations. However, infertility or recurrent spontaneous pregnancy loss, and/or genotypic/phenotypic aberrations may be manifested in the progeny during gametogenesis. The current study was a retrospective analysis to examine the chromosomal aberrations and… CONTINUE READING


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