Chromium isotopic composition of core-top planktonic foraminifera.

  title={Chromium isotopic composition of core-top planktonic foraminifera.},
  author={X L Wang and Noah J. Planavsky and Pincelli M. Hull and Aradhna Tripati and H J Zou and Leanne E Elder and Michael J Henehan},
  volume={15 1},
The chromium isotope system (53 Cr/52 Cr expressed as δ53 Cr relative to NIST SRM 979) is potentially a powerful proxy for the redox state of the ocean-atmosphere system, but a lack of temporally continuous, well-calibrated archives has limited its application to date. Marine carbonates could potentially serve as a common and continuous Cr isotope archive. Here, we present the first evaluation of planktonic foraminiferal calcite as an archive of seawater δ53 Cr. We show that single… CONTINUE READING