Chromium in Some Herbal Drugs

  title={Chromium in Some Herbal Drugs},
  author={V. Rai and A. Agnihotri and S. Khatoon and A. Rawat and S. Mehrotra},
  journal={Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology},
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Lead and Cadmium Accumulation in Medicinal Plants Collected from Environmentally Different Sites
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Assessment of Pb and Cd in plants grown in different parts of Ethiopia found that lead and cadmium concentrations above WHO limits were found. Expand
Heavy metals alter the potency of medicinal plants.
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Analytical methods for heavy metals in herbal medicines.
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To evaluate possible sources of exposure to heavy metals in the general population, and to determine the association between urinary heavy metals and urothelial carcinoma risk.
Effect of Chromium on Antioxidant Potential of Catharanthus roseus Varieties and Production of Their Anticancer Alkaloids: Vincristine and Vinblastine
The results indicated that Cr affects all the studied parameters and decreases growth performance, however, vincristine and vinblastine contents were increased under Cr stress, and results are quite encouraging, as this plant shows good antioxidant potential and increased the level of active constituents under Cr Stress. Expand
Phytoextraction capacity of the plants growing on tannery sludge dumping sites.
Results showed that maximum amount of K, Fe and Ni was associated with residual fraction, whereas, Zn, Mn, Cr, Pb, Cd and Co was found in Fe-Mn oxide fraction. Expand
Chromium Accumulation in Medicinal Plants Growing Naturally on Tannery Contaminated and Non-contaminated Soils
The results of the study clearly emphasize the need for screening plants of therapeutic value for the presence of HMs even when collected from non-contaminated soils and proportional allocation of Cr in different plant parts provided an insight on the safety of these parts when specifically used in herbal preparations. Expand
Levels of Heavy Metals in Common Medicinal Plants Collected from Environmentally Different Sites
Assessment of the contents of eight medicinal plants grown in different parts of Ethiopia found none of the studied samples were found to contain cobalt, copper and Arsenic concentrations in above WHO limits for safe human consumption. Expand