Chromatophore Genome Sequence of Paulinella Sheds Light on Acquisition of Photosynthesis by Eukaryotes

  title={Chromatophore Genome Sequence of Paulinella Sheds Light on Acquisition of Photosynthesis by Eukaryotes},
  author={Eva C. M. Nowack and M. Melkonian and G. Gl{\"o}ckner},
  journal={Current Biology},
  • Eva C. M. Nowack, M. Melkonian, G. Glöckner
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Current Biology
  • BACKGROUND It is commonly accepted that a single primary endosymbiosis gave rise to the photosynthetic organelles of plants, the plastids. Recently, we presented evidence that photosynthetic inclusions, termed "chromatophores," present in the filose thecamoeba Paulinella chromatophora originated from an independent, more recent primary endosymbiotic event. To clarify metabolic capabilities of the chromatophore and its state of integration into the host, we present here the complete genome… CONTINUE READING

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    Another acquisition of a primary photosynthetic organelle is underway in Paulinella chromatophora
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    Trafficking of protein into the recently established photosynthetic organelles of Paulinella chromatophora
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    A single origin of the photosynthetic organelle in different Paulinella lineages
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    Algal endosymbionts as vectors of horizontal gene transfer in photosynthetic eukaryotes
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    Differential gene retention in plastids of common recent origin.
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    Protein translocons in photosynthetic organelles of Paulinella chromatophora
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    Paulinella chromatophora – rethinking the transition from endosymbiont to organelle
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