Chromatography of amino acids on sulfonated polystyrene resins.

  title={Chromatography of amino acids on sulfonated polystyrene resins.},
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  • S. Moore, W. Stein
  • Published 1951
  • Chemistry, Medicine, Biology
  • The Journal of biological chemistry
The quantitative separation of amino acids by chromatography on columns of starch has sheen described in previous publications (l-3. [...] Key Method column of Dowex-50. This particular resin (Bauman and Eichorn (12)) is one which is available com-Expand
[78] Measurement of amino acids by column chromatography
Publisher Summary Amino acids may be fractionated into classes or individuals by chromatography on various adsorbents. One method, analytical in design, is superior to others in simplicity ofExpand
Column chromatography of peptides and proteins.
This chapter presents a summary of recent experiments on the column chromatography of peptides and a description of the current status of chromatography as a method for purifying proteins. Expand
Liquid Chromatography of Amino Acids and their Derivatives
Since the classical studies of Moore and Stein [1,2] the separation of amino acids on cation exchange resins has been the method for their quantitation in both hydrolysates and physiological fluids.Expand
Chapter 10 Amino acids and oligopeptides
Publisher Summary Analysis of amino acids by ion-exchange chromatography is based on the separation and quantitation of the common amino acids. This chapter reviews the literature concerning sampleExpand
The separation of o-phthalaldehyde derivatives of amino acids by reversed-phase chromatography on octylsilica columns.
Amino acids were reacted with o-phthalaldehyde and 2-mercaptoethanol and were separated using a simple linear gradient from 10 to 65% methanol over 15 min on an octyl silica column by reversed-phase chromatography to design a rapid separation of the amino acids commonly found in acid hydrolysates of proteins. Expand
Separation of amino acids on highly crosslinked polyacrylamide gel and some observations on the mechanism of adsorption.
  • D. Thornhill
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Biochimica et biophysica acta
  • 1972
It is suggested as a method of choice for the preparative scale preliminary fractionation of protein hydrolysates, or other complex amino acid mixtures which may contain novel components, since the eluting medium, unlike the conventional volatile buffers used to obviate desalting procedures following ion-exchange chromatography, is transparent in this region. Expand
Ion-Exchange Chromatography of Guanidino Amino-acids from Synthetically Modified Gelatin
This method has been used to separate two amino-acids, considered to be homoarginine5 and hydroxyhomoargin ine, from hydrolysates of a guanidated gelatin, and illustrates its power in this connexion. Expand
[16] Separation of peptides by chromatography on columns of Dowex 1 with volatile developers.
A high initial pH is used to retard very basic peptides that normally are only slightly retarded on Dowex 1, and a gradual gradient is devised to eliminate the poor separations caused by abrupt changes in pH. Expand
Gas-Liquid Chromatographic Separation of Amino Acids and their Derivatives
The quantitative determination of amino acid composition and, in many instances, optical purity is critical for a number of disciplines, including investigations of naturally occurring free aminoExpand
Chromatography of quaternary nitrogen compounds on buffered cation-exchange resins.
Quaternary nitroge ncompounds and their amine analogues were separated and determined by the ultraviolet absorption of their periodide derivatives include betaine, stachydrine, choline, trigonelline, N-methylnicotinamide, and carnitine. Expand


Spectrophotometric Determination of Thorium in Monazite Sands
ration of the reference solution might lead to erroneous results. Analytical data obtained under carefully controlled conditions provide the information on which a critical evaluation of the methodExpand
Séparation du thorium et du lanthane par échange ionique
Resume Une methode sirnple et efficace de separation du thorium et du lanthane par echange ionique a ete mise au point. Le lanthane est elue d'abord avec 1'acide citrique et apres, on separe leExpand
A chromatographic investigation of the amino acid constituents of normal urine.
  • W. Stein
  • Medicine, Biology
  • The Journal of biological chemistry
  • 1953
Chromatography of amino acids on sulfonated polystyrene resins.
  • 1951
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