Chromatographie de déplacement des aminoacides et de leurs dérivés sur colonne d'échangeurs d'ions á trame hydrophile

  title={Chromatographie de d{\'e}placement des aminoacides et de leurs d{\'e}riv{\'e}s sur colonne d'{\'e}changeurs d'ions {\'a} trame hydrophile},
  author={Roger L. Munier and A M Drapier},
SummaryThe behaviour of aminoacids in chromatography on cation exchange columns with hydrophile weft has been studied. The results obtained have permitted the setting up of demineralization procedures of mixtures of all the aminoacids, using volatile eluants which do not react with the chromogenic reagents of the aminoacids, and phosphocellulose and cross-linked sulphoethyl dextrane. The procedure is very efficient for demineralizing aminoacid mixtures in preparation for their analysis by… CONTINUE READING