Chromatographic analysis of plant sterols in foods and vegetable oils.


This paper reviews recently published chromatographic methods for the analysis of plant sterols in various sample matrices with emphasis on vegetable oils. An overview of structural complexities and biological/nutritional aspects including hypocholesterolemic activities of phytosterols is provided in the Section 1. The principal themes of the review highlight the development and application of chromatographic techniques for the isolation, purification, separation and detection of the title compounds. Pertinent gas chromatographic and high-performance liquid chromatographic methods from the literature are tabulated to illustrate common trends and methodological variability. The review also covers specific analyses of natural/synthetic standard mixtures to shed light on potential applicability in plant sample assays. Examples of combined chromatographic techniques linked in tandem for the analysis of complex samples are included. Elution characteristics of sterol components are discussed in the context of analyte substituent effects, structural factors and stationary/mobile phase considerations.

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