Chromatin structure of transcriptionally competent and repressed genes.

  title={Chromatin structure of transcriptionally competent and repressed genes.},
  author={Rohinton T. Kamakaka and Jean O. Thomas},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={9 12},
We have compared transcriptionally competent and repressed genes with respect to their linker histone content and their ability to fold into higher-order structures. Histones were cross-linked covalently to DNA in chicken erythrocyte and oviduct nuclei by UV irradiation, and the DNA that was immunoprecipitated with anti-H1 and (for erythrocytes) anti-H5 antibodies was analysed for particular DNA sequences. None of the sequences investigated was free of H1 (H5). However, in mature erythrocytes… CONTINUE READING


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