Chromatin insulators and boundaries: effects on transcription and nuclear organization.

  title={Chromatin insulators and boundaries: effects on transcription and nuclear organization.},
  author={T. Gerasimova and V. Corces},
  journal={Annual review of genetics},
  • T. Gerasimova, V. Corces
  • Published 2001
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of genetics
  • Chromatin boundaries and insulators are transcriptional regulatory elements that modulate interactions between enhancers and promoters and protect genes from silencing effects by the adjacent chromatin. Originally discovered in Drosophila, insulators have now been found in a variety of organisms, ranging from yeast to humans. They have been found interspersed with regulatory sequences in complex genes and at the boundaries between active and inactive chromatin. Insulators might modulate… CONTINUE READING

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