Chromatin conformation governs T-cell receptor Jβ gene segment usage.

  title={Chromatin conformation governs T-cell receptor Jβ gene segment usage.},
  author={Wilfred Ndifon and Hilah Gal and Eric Shifrut and Rina Aharoni and Nissan Yissachar and Nir Waysbort and Shlomit Reich-Zeliger and Ruth Arnon and Nir Friedman},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={109 39},
T cells play fundamental roles in adaptive immunity, relying on a diverse repertoire of T-cell receptor (TCR) α and β chains. Diversity of the TCR β chain is generated in part by a random yet intrinsically biased combinatorial rearrangement of variable (Vβ), diversity (Dβ), and joining (Jβ) gene segments. The mechanisms that determine biases in gene segment use remain unclear. Here we show, using a high-throughput TCR sequencing approach, that a physical model of chromatin conformation at the… CONTINUE READING