Chromatin Modifications as Determinants of Muscle Stem Cell Quiescence and Chronological Aging

  title={Chromatin Modifications as Determinants of Muscle Stem Cell Quiescence and Chronological Aging},
  author={L. Liu and T. Cheung and G. Charville and Bernadette Marie Ceniza Hurgo and Tripp Leavitt and Johnathan Shih and A. Brunet and T. Rando},
  journal={Cell reports},
  pages={189 - 204}
  • L. Liu, T. Cheung, +5 authors T. Rando
  • Published 2013
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cell reports
  • Summary The ability to maintain quiescence is critical for the long-term maintenance of a functional stem cell pool. To date, the epigenetic and transcriptional characteristics of quiescent stem cells and how they change with age remain largely unknown. In this study, we explore the chromatin features of adult skeletal muscle stem cells, or satellite cells (SCs), which reside predominantly in a quiescent state in fully developed limb muscles of both young and aged mice. Using a ChIP-seq… CONTINUE READING
    Pax7 remodels the chromatin landscape in skeletal muscle stem cells
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    Epigenomic profiling of young and aged HSCs reveals concerted changes during aging that reinforce self-renewal.
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