Chromanone Acids in Calophyllum Br.asiliense Seed Oil*

  title={Chromanone Acids in Calophyllum Br.asiliense Seed Oil*},
  author={Ronald D. Plattner},
Three homologous trails. chromanone carboxylic acids (la. 1band Ic) made up about 20~~ of the pentane-hexane extract from CalophyllwlJ brasiliense seed kernels. The cis isomers (2a. 2b and 2c) were also present but only in trace amounts. Four of these six chromanone acids (la. lb. Ic and 2a) were isolated as methyl esters by countercurrent distribution. Compounds j b. 2a. 2b and 2c are new: compounds la and Ic are the previously reported isoapetalic acid and blancoic acid. respectively. 
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