Christman promotes exploring of individuality at Freshman Evening

  • Published 2014


After years of refusing to do so, the university has released salary and compensation information for its key employees, including that of President Thomas K. Hearn Jr. The university's federal non-profit Form 990 tax return lists Hearn's total compensation for the 199394 fiscal year at $379,385, which includes a salary of $202,288, benefits of $138, 119 and allowances of $38;978. · The form lists compensation for seven other officers and directors of the university as well as compensation for the five highest-paid employees. because his work is split over both campuse~.I:Iis compensation includes items such as, life insurance, disability insurance a1:1d a pe1:1. sion. The $38,978 in further expenses includes an esti-' : mate of the yearly value of his horne and car, both of which were provided as gifts to the unive.rsi.ty .a~d are not actual cash items, said Sandra Boyette, the vice president for public affairs. She said the university has a realtor appraise the home every year to determine its tax value. Sbe .also said maintenance and renovation costs for the home do not fall under Hearn's reported pay. BecauSe the. building is owned by the university, such costs fall· under the Facilities Management budget. . : . : ... · Boyette said Hearn's compensation was in the range of those of presidents of other comparable institutions. . . .

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