Christianity as a World Religion

  title={Christianity as a World Religion},
  author={Sebastian Kim and Kirsteen Kim},
1. Introduction: Christianity as a World Religion 2. The Adaptability of Christianity 3. Christianity as a World Religion in the Pre-Modern Era 4. European Christianity and its Spread, 1492-1910 5. Global Christianities 6. Latin American Christianity 7. North American Christianity 8. Asian Christianity 9. African Christianity 10. Christianity in Europe, 1910- 11. Local Christianities in Global Debate 12. Conclusion: The Coming of World Christianity. 

A History of Korean Christianity

With a third of South Koreans now identifying themselves as Christian, Christian churches play an increasingly prominent role in the social and political events of the Korean peninsula. Sebastian Kim

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The findings indicate that the three methods of healings, such as traditional, orthodox and faith healing are embraced in Yorubaland, and the government at the Federal, State and Local Government in Nigeria is hoping that health for all would be achieved by the year 2020.

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Christianity is currently coming to terms with the demographic shift of now being primarily a Southern church, and mission is emanating out of its new heartlands. In recent generations, it has not

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THE INTEGRATION OF EVANGELISM AND SOCIAL CONCERN IN THE MINISTRY OF TIMOTHY KELLER Sungyong An, Ph.D. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2018 Chair: Dr. Timothy K. Beougher The goal of this

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