Christian Thomasius and the Origin of Psychological Rating Scales

  title={Christian Thomasius and the Origin of Psychological Rating Scales},
  author={Paul R. McReynolds and Klaus Ludwig},
  pages={546 - 553}
Psychology in the German Context
  • Corey W. Dyck
  • Psychology
    Encyclopedia of Early Modern Philosophy and the Sciences
  • 2020
Assessment and the Use of Questionnaires in Sport Psychology Consulting: An Analysis of Practices and Attitudes From 2003 to 2017
The purpose of this study was to examine the types and perceived usefulness of questionnaires used by consultants in applied intervention work with athletes in 2003 and 2017, as well as to understa...
Rating Scales and Cursor Movements
: Although rating scales are still a mainstay of data acquisition in psychology and cognitive science, we do not have ample knowledge about how rating decisions unfold over time. In this exploratory
The un-making of a method: From rating scales to the study of psychological processes
Rating scales are standard instruments in psychology. They force the research participant to provide a numerical estimate of an assumed “degree” of some characteristic along a linear scale. We prove
Hedonic measurement for product development: new methods for direct and indirect scaling.
This chapter examines two recent developments in hedonic scaling: the method of best-worst scaling and the method that represents examples of indirect and direct scaling, respectively.
Journ@l Electronique d'Histoire des Probabilités et de la Statistique Electronic Journ@l for History of Probability and Statistics
Some milestones of the influential development of multivariate data analysis in France in the years 1965-1985 are recalled. Is l’analyse des donn´ ees a distinctive and long-lived French school of
Familiar/interactive raters are not always best: The influence of sampling schedules and class of behavior
Retrospective rating scales are widely used for formal assessment of typical performance. Raters who are the most familiar/interactive with ratees are routinely recommended to maximize the quality of
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