Christian Number and its Implications

  title={Christian Number and its Implications},
  author={Keith W. Hopkins},
  journal={Journal of Early Christian Studies},
  pages={185 - 226}
  • Keith W. Hopkins
  • Published 1 June 1998
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Early Christian Studies
The alleged persecution of the Roman Christians by the emperor Domitian
This thesis examines the traditional view of Domitian's reign, particularly as it relates to his alleged persecution of Roman Christians. In the light of recent revisionist studies, which offer
Early Christianity:
The Christian sarcophagus population of Rome
  • R. Couzin
  • History
    Journal of Roman Archaeology
  • 2014
Many marble sarcophagi illustrating scenes and themes from the Old and New Testaments and Christian Apocrypha were produced in Rome during the period beginning a few decades before Constantine’s
Oral and Written Communication and Transmission of Knowledge in Ancient Judaism and Christianity
This paper examines the contexts of oral communication and the use of written messages in Josephus’ writings, the New Testament, and rabbinic literature, and discusses the possible reasons for using
Heavenly Realms and Earthly Realities in Late Antique Religions
Warm praise for the genesis of this volume. From the editors’ preface [vii], it began in a ‘collaborative effort aimed at bringing together relatively unseasoned scholars—that is, graduate
The end of "paganism" ?
Early Christians' sectarian custom of marking themselves off from other groups through distinctive terminology continued on into the later periods when they constituted a significant minority, and
How Do We Explain the Quiet Demise of Graeco-Roman Religion? An Essay
Until now, the relatively quiet transition from traditional Graeco-Roman religion to Christianity has gone unexplained. In dialogue with James Rives and Jörg Rüpke, I argue that Christianity made
  • The Nero-Antichrist
  • 2020


The Rise of Christianity
CHAPTER 6 Section 3 (pages 168–172) TERMS AND NAMES Jesus Leader who came to be known as Christ and was believed to be a savior apostle Close follower of Jesus Peter First apostle who helped spread
The Demography of Roman Egypt
This is a study of the demography of Roman Egypt during the first three centuries AD based on surviving census returns on papyri. These records list all household members including lodgers and
Regional model life tables
The author describes various model life tables including those that have been developed by the League of Nations the United Nations and at Princeton University by Coale and Demeney. The relative
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In this new edition of a best-selling classic, Shaye Cohen offers a thorough analysis of Judaism's development from the early years of the Roman Empire to the formative period of rabbinic Judaism.
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