Christian Huygens’ Lost and Forgotten Pamphlet of his Pendulum Invention

  title={Christian Huygens’ Lost and Forgotten Pamphlet of his Pendulum Invention},
  author={S. Whitestone},
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Summary Until recently it was believed that Christian Huygens’ earliest publication of his pendulum invention was Horologium of 1658. He published the more famous general treatise, Horologium Oscillatorium, fifteen years later in 1673. Two years ago, an article1 suggesting an unknown collaboration in developing the clock pendulum between Huygens and the Paris clockmaker Isaac Thuret, presented the evidence of Benjamin Martin, an 18th century educationalist and retailer of scientific material… 
Alexander Bruce, Scotland's accidental 'Scientific Revolutionary'.
The mid-17th century saw unprecedented scientific progress. With the Middle Ages well and truly over, the Scientific Revolution had begun. However, scientific advancement does not always proceed