Chrisanthidium, um novo gênero Sulamericano de Dianthidiini (Hymenoptera, Megachiudae)

  title={Chrisanthidium, um novo g{\^e}nero Sulamericano de Dianthidiini (Hymenoptera, Megachiudae)},
  author={Dan{\'u}ncia Urban},
  journal={Revista Brasileira De Zoologia},
Chrisanthidium gen.n. is here proposed (Type spe-cies: Anthidium bidentatum Friese, 1908). Chrisanthidium nigritum sp.n. and Chrisanthidium adornatum sp.n. both from Argentina, are described, as well as Chrisanthidium bidentatum (Friese, 1908), comb.n.. 
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