Chow – Künneth projectors for modular varieties

  title={Chow – K{\"u}nneth projectors for modular varieties},
  author={B. Brent Gordon and Masaki Hanamura and Jacob P. Murre},
We show the existence of the Chow–Künneth projectors for certain varieties, including Kuga–Shimura varieties of Hilbert modular varieties. The Chow–Künneth projectors of a smooth projective variety are, by definition, mutually orthogonal idempotents of the Chow ring of self-correspondences which give decomposition of the total cohomology of the variety into degree pieces. To cite this article: B.B. Gordon et al., C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Ser. I 335 (2002) 745–750.  2002 Académie des sciences… CONTINUE READING


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