Chosen ciphertext secure keyed-homomorphic public-key cryptosystems

  title={Chosen ciphertext secure keyed-homomorphic public-key cryptosystems},
  author={Keita Emura and Goichiro Hanaoka and Koji Nuida and Go Ohtake and Takahiro Matsuda and Shota Yamada},
  journal={Designs, Codes and Cryptography},
In homomorphic encryption schemes, anyone can perform homomorphic operations, and therefore, it is difficult to manage when, where and by whom they are performed. In addition, the property that anyone can “freely” perform the operation inevitably means that ciphertexts are malleable, and it is well-known that adaptive chosen ciphertext (CCA) security and the homomorphic property can never be achieved simultaneously. In this paper, we show that CCA security and the homomorphic property can be… CONTINUE READING