Choroidal varix elevates macula following Valsalva manoeuvre.

  title={Choroidal varix elevates macula following Valsalva manoeuvre.},
  author={Eren Çerman and Muhsin Eraslan and Volkan Dericioğlu and Ozlem Ceren Sahin and Osman Çekiç and Kamran Mahmutyazicioglu},
  journal={The British journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={98 1},
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Choroidal blood drainage is highly varied.1 Generally, each of the four quadrants of the eye converge to form a large dilated vascular channel called the ampulla. The ampulla is about 1.5–2 mm wide and up to 5 mm long; it drains into the vortex veins.2 The main drainage route is through 6–8 vortex veins, which perforate the sclera at the equator. Another route is defined as the posterior route, where the blood drains out either through the choriovaginal veins, which penetrate the sclera near… CONTINUE READING


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