Choroidal leiomyoma of vascular origin.

  title={Choroidal leiomyoma of vascular origin.},
  author={Frederick Albert Jakobiec and Heinrich Witschel and LorenzE. Zimmerman},
  journal={American journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={82 2},
A 57-year-old man had a clinically suspected malignant melanoma in his left eye. On microscopic study, the enucleated eye harbored an unusual choroidal tumor that had extended extraocularly. This tumor had been variously interpreted microscopically as an angiosarcoma, an atpical angioma, a glioma, or a neurilemoma. Electron microscopic examination of deparaffinized tissue established the smooth muscle nature of the tumor cells as well as the presence of numerous pericytes associated with… CONTINUE READING

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